NBA trade news Kevin Durant Warriors Nets review

Kevin Durant leaving the Golden State Warriors was a shock to everyone and will have major repercussions on everything. While the Brooklyn Nets managed to get both Durant and Kyrie Irving, it doesn’t guarantee a future title. Most of the people now think that the Warriors are doomed and Durant might win big for the Nets.


One must not forget that Kevin Durant is recovering from an injury and might not be the same player as before. Also, the Warriors team was equally responsible for turning Durant into a big player, as he did with the team. Even though Durant took the decision by himself, it could bring a lot of problems for him. Here are the reasons why Durant might regret his decision of leaving the Warriors team.

Durant and Warrior team Experience

NBA trade news Kevin Durant Warriors Nets review

Kevin Durant had great chemistry with the other players in Golden State Warriors and it was one of their strong points. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, DeMarcus Cousins, etc. had a great bonding with Durant and they supported each other on the basketball court.

The Warriors team players had an experience of playing four NBA finals in a row, which is a very rare feat. The same thing might never happen when Durant will play in the Nets and it will be tough to bond when he joins the team a year later.

Kevin and Kyrie Duo might not Work

NBA trade news Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving Warriors Net review

Everyone is counting on the duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to take the Nets to next NBA finals. Both of the players are good friends in real life, but have never played together. Even if sounds good on paper, there is no guarantee that it will turn the same on court.

Also, Kyrie Irving is an unpredictable player and have a totally different playing style. If the Kevin and Kyrie duo doesn’t work, then the Nets team is totally doomed in the next NBA season.

Other teams are getting Stronger

NBA trade news Kevin Durant Warriors Net

While there is no surety of Kevin-Kyrie duo working out, there are other powerful duos which have the ability to deliver. The Lakers have paired LeBron James and Anthony Davis for the next NBA season.

Kawhi Leonard is rumored to join them, if the three plays together, there is no way any team can beat them. On the other hand, Durant will recover from an injury in a totally new team. Hence, Kevin Durant leaving the Warriors is not that logical and could bring a lot of problems for the player.