Kevin Durant vs Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving both went to the Brooklyn Nets team in one of the biggest trade deal in the history of free agency. Both the players are good friends and wanted to play together, and finally, it will happen in the next NBA season. But at the same times, experts and fans have started a Kevin vs Kyrie battle.


Most of them are arguing that who is better and who can be the main star of Nets. The trend has even reached the Brooklyn Nets team management and sports analysts are also debating on this. As per the latest reports, Kyrie Irving is said to be the winner of this battle. Here are the reasons why Kevin Durant can lose to Kyrie after their deals with the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie Irving chose Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving Nets

Kyrie Irving earlier used to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he was an important part in the team reaching 4 finals and winning 2 out of them. But after two continuous loss, Irving was drafted out of the team to the Boston Celtics. It was never his choice as the Celtics team is not a good fit for a talent like Irving.

He wanted to leave on the first chance and declared that he will go to the Brooklyn Nets team. Irving was true to his words and signed a deal with the Nets in the current free agency. It is the main reasons, why Kyrie Irving will be the future main star of the Nets, along with his playing style. The Brooklyn Nets team plays streetball type of basketball game, which Irving is famous for. Hence, it is a perfect fit, and given his last season stats, Kyrie will be the future superstar for the Nets team.

Kevin Durant won’t be same after Injury

Kevin Durant Injured

At the same time, Kevin Durant is currently injured and won’t be able to play for around a year. It is also one of the main reasons why the Golden State Warriors team also decided to not offer him a max deal. Not just that, even the New York Knicks were not interested in Durant after his injury.

Most of the NBA players after suffering from a ruptured Achilles tendon never return the same, and so can be the case for Durant. Hence, everyone is sure that Durant can’t top Irving, and he has lost the battle. Only the upcoming time will tell that which star leads the Nets, but for now, Kyrie Irving is the winner here.