Kevin Durant Free Agency 2019 Nets trade deal Brooklyn Nets Golden State Warriors

Kevin Durant was one of the top sought free agents in 2019 and his trade deal shocked everyone. There were speculations that Durant will go with one of the New York teams or re-sign with the Golden State Warriors. While the deal with the Warriors team would have been much better for an injured Durant, he still left the team. There are many theories or reasons as to why Durant took the decision, but none of them have any concrete proof.


Some say that Kevin Durant was angry over how his health was risked in the Warriors team, while others say he wanted to play with his friend Kyrie Irving. The new trade deal of Durant is yet not made official, and there is a new report explaining that his leaving the Warriors was foreshadowed. Here are the details about the new t-shirt, which hints about Durant moving out of the Warriors team.

The Controversial KD T-Shirt

Recently, a tweet which is about a month old has been resurfaced which is making headlines in the sports world. Twitter has been going on a frenzy since then, and a new conspiracy theory has evolved. As per the tweet, popular sports endorsing brand Nike posted a new t-shirt of Kevin Durant on their official site. While the tee looks normal Durant fanart from the front side, there are a lot of cryptic hints on the other side.

There is a list of US cities for which Durant has played in the past and the names are crossed after he moved on to other teams. Earlier, Durant used to play for the Oklahoma City Thunder and then was signed by the Golden State Warriors. The last city crossed in the list is San Francisco, where the Warriors team is based. It only means one thing that Kevin Durant will now move on from the Warriors team too.

Kevin Durant in Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant Free Agency 2019 Nets trade deal Brooklyn Nets Golden State Warriors

As speculated, Kevin Durant finally signed with one of the New York teams, and shockingly it was the Brooklyn Nets. As the New York Knicks couldn’t convince Kyrie Irving, Durant went with the Nets, so that they can play together. Meanwhile, the Warriors is in a lot of trouble and had to re-sign Klay Thompson for a max contract.

With DeMarcus Cousins also planning to leave the team, there is a lot of responsibility on Stephen Curry. Although the Warriors got D’Angelo Russel from the Nets, it is expected that he will be traded out soon. Durant going to the Nets has shaken up things for the Warriors and the Knicks.