Miami Heat made one of the biggest deals in free agency by signing in Jimmy Butler. In order to acquire him, the Heat had to trade out Hassan Whiteside to Portland Trail Blazers and Josh Richardson to Philadelphia 76ers. The plan of Miami head was to get another talented star player, pair him up with Butler and make their own power duo.

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While there are a lot of names available, Miami Heat are not able to get anyone till now. They tried their best to get Russel Westbrook to pair up with Butler, but he went to the Rockets and rejoined James Harden. Bradley Beal is another name that the Heat team are looking to get along with Jimmy Butler. If it is somehow done, then Butler and Miami Heat trade deal is best, otherwise, it could be the worst deal.

Butler has never Won a Title

No Titles for Butler

Jimmy Butler is no doubt a great player with two times being a part of NBA All-Star squad. But he has never done anything special for all the teams he had played till now. Butler has never played an NBA final match, nor he has won an MVP award.

Even when Butler performed his career-best, his team Chicago Bulls barely made it to the playoffs that season. Butler has been a part of the Bulls, Timberwolves and 76ers and still lacks the experience to play high tension games.

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Lack of Supporting Players

Jimmy Butler Miami Heat Trade Deal Support Players

Miami Heat knows it clearly that an alone Butler is pretty much useless for them. NBA rankings for the 2020 title is currently depending on power duos in the several teams. Kawhi Leonard and Paul George, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, James Harden and Russel Westbrook, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are the top names.

Miami team is currently trying their best to sign Bradley Beal and pair him with Butler. The chances of Heat winning the next NBA title increases a lot if Butler gets some good players to support him for the next season. Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony are some other names that Miami may also consider for a trade deal.