NBA Golden State Warriors DAngello Russell

Golden State Warriors are going through their toughest phase and it may take them some time to get back. After making it to the NBA finals for the last five NBA seasons, the Warriors are currently empty and missing half of their roster. Kevin Durant, DeMarcus Cousins, DeAndre Jordan, Andre Iguodala, and few others have left the team and Klay Thompson is injured.

The only big name the Dubs side was able to bring in their roster is D’Angelo Russell and a lot depends on him. Even though Thompson will recover soon, it will take him time to get back in the playing shape and the Warriors may be forced to play with Russell for the entire NBA 2019-20 season.

Klay Thompson will take Time to Recover

Klay Thompson will take Time to Recover

Klay Thompson is expected to return in the Warriors by the start of the next year but it doesn’t mean that he will immediately start playing. Some of the expert doctors have advised Thompson to not play basketball for at least two years or his ACL injury can return.

The Warriors have signed him for five years and there is no way they will be taking such a huge risk. Thompson might return to the Golden State Warriors sideline but will take much more time to play as he used to do before.

Warriors are Empty and needs D’Angelo Russell

Warriors are Empty and needs D'Angelo Russell

D’Angelo Russell is no doubt a great player and any of the NBA team would happy to have him. The only issue Warrior has is that his playing style matches Stephen Curry and it makes the whole situation a bit complex. But given how empty the Warriors are right now, they need every help they can get.

Russell is essential in the Warriors team if they need to make it to the NBA playoffs and retain their top spot. NBA Western Conference has gotten a lot tough with the Lakers, Clippers and Rockets making their power duos. The Warriors will also have to find a way to pair up Russell and Curry to survive in the next NBA season.