Houston Rockets are now planning the tactics and management for the upcoming NBA playoffs. Russel Westbrook was exchanged with an aging Chris Paul to Oklahoma City Thunder and the Rockets got its roster sorted. The duo of James Harden and Westbrook has reunited once again and ready to take on their opponents.

Last year the Rockets failed badly due to not giving their player rotation enough importance and they seem to learn from their mistakes. Daryl Morey, the general manager of Rockets himself has addressed the issue and made sure it won’t be repeated. Here are the plans for Harden and Westbrook for Rockets in the next NBA season.

Importance of Harden-Westbrook Duo

NBA Houston Rockets Russel Westbrook James Harden Importance of Duo

NBA playoffs or April 2020 will be the start of games for the next title. As of right now, the Rockets have not decided whether to give rest to their top players or let them play maximum games. Harden played 73 games in the last season and only missed the large part in NBA 2011-12 season.

The same goes for Westbrook where he played 80 games and his lowest 46 game season was in 2013-14. Both the players are equally important to the Rockets as they contribute a lot to the team. Harden won the NBA MVP title in 2018 and Westbrook did the same in 2017.

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Tough Competition in Next Season

NBA Houston Rockets Russel Westbrook James Harden Tough Competition

Rockets have to rotate both Harden and Westbrook as they have almost the same aggressive gameplay style. Even one of them on the court is enough and the Rockets needs to utilize the point in playoffs next year. The competition will be tough, as the Lakers and Clippers are in the same Western Conference along with Rockets.

Even teams such as Denver Nuggets and Portland Trail Blazers can surprise everyone in the next NBA season. Despite lacking Kevin Durant, Warriors still have Stephen Curry, Draymond Green and D’Angelo Russell to give a tough fight to the Rockets.