Russell Westbrook Trade Deal Houston Rockets NBA

Russel Westbrook trade deal with the Houston Rockets have totally changed the future of their team. While the Rockets finally managed to trade out an older and non-performing Chris Paul, they also managed to make their own power duo. As we know that the next NBA title contenders are based on the power duos, James Harden and Westbrook are the ones for the Rockets.

Even though it sounds very well, as Harden and Westbrook have played together in the past and had a great record, it does not the same will repeat in the future. The Houston team could be in a lot of trouble if the two-star players are not in good terms. Harden is known to have an attitude issue and he was unable to play with Paul. The same thing can happen again and the Westbrook deal can be the best or worst deal for the Rockets.

The James Harden Issue

James Harden Issue

James Harden and Russel Westbrook used to play together for the Oklahoma City Thunder and even made it to the finals there. After that, the two were split and made their names in separate teams. They both reached great heights and Westbrook won MVP 2017 and Harden got the title of MVP 2018. While we think that the two friends will happily play together, the reality is a bit different. Here is what Harden has to say on playing again with his old partner Westbrook in the Rockets team.

We played with each other in the NBA and the Olympics but it is an old thing now. When you are a talented player, you have to work it out. You communicate and go out there and compete for possession by possession. You figure things out throughout the season and it is how things happen. When you have players with high IQ who are willing to sacrifice, it somehow works out.

Future of Westbrook in Rockets

Future in Rockets Russell Westbrook Trade Deal

The Houston Rockets are not a good team in terms of how they handle their players. If someone is not performing even for a few matches, their immediate reaction is to throw him out. NBA is not an easy game, a player has ups and downs, the teams need to support it. Toronto Raptors supported their players and that made it possible for them to win the 2019 NBA title.

Russel Westbrook is new in the Rockets, he will need some to adjust and know his new teammates. If he somehow doesn’t perform well, the Rockets could trade him out. The Westbrook deal can also turn out great if the duo can recreate their magic.