NBA Rumors Los Angeles Lakers is Ready to Trade Every Player from their Team except LeBron James and Anthony Davis

Los Angeles Lakers are currently at the top spot in the NBA Western Conference but still, they will actively participate in the trade market before the February NBA trade deadline. The Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka has expressed that he is willing to listen trade offers for any players in their team, except LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

LA Lakers do need to upgrade their roster so that they have the same edge once they enter the playoffs and can face their arch-rivals Clippers in the conference finals hopefully. Although, the Lakers is taking huge risking by breaking down team chemistry and trading out every player other than James-Davis duo.

Lakers taking Huge Risk by listening Trade Offers for Every Player

Lakers willing to Listen to Trade Offers for Any Player

LeBron James and Anthony Davis are too precious to be sold but making other team members available in the trade discussion is a huge risk for the Lakers club. One wrong deal can break the team chemistry and shallow out their roster depth.

The Lakers are linked with players such as Bogdan Bogdanovic from Sacramento Kings, Davis Bertans from Washington Wizards, Andre Iguodala from Memphis Grizzlies, and Marcus Morris of the New York Knicks. If the Lakers make a deal for one of them and send out their core players and that move fails, it would risk their entire season and they can even lose the playoffs.

Lakers is Taking a Huge Risk for NBA Title

Lakers is Taking a Huge Risk for NBA Title

The Lakers are at the top spot but have lost twice to the same town rivals Los Angeles Clippers. There are high chances that Lakers vs Clippers could turn out to be NBA 2019-20 Western Conference finals and Rob Pelinka is preparing for that.

It is why the Lakers are willing to listen to offers for Kyle Kuzma so that they can have someone who can handle Kawhi Leonard from Clippers. The Lakers are damn serious bringing the Larry O’Brien Trophy home this season and for they would trade out their whole team except LeBron James and Anthony Davis before the 2020 February 6 trade deadline.

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