Kevin Durant had a great journey with the team of Golden State Warriors and they both did amazingly. The Warriors managed to make it to three consecutive NBA finals with Durant and won two of them. Even the third NBA title would have belonged to the Warriors if Durant had not got injured.

Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in the fifth final game against the Raptors and things have not been right for anyone since. On the first day of free agency, Durant joined the team of Brooklyn Nets despite getting a better offer from the Warriors. Durant’s former teammate Kendrick Perkins has revealed that the champion player would have joined the Warriors side, if not for his issues with Draymond Green.

The Draymond Green Issue

Dryamond Green Issue Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

The whole issue started in the NBA 2018 season when Durant got an injury and had to stay out of a few games. Golden State Warriors were having a tough time, but Stephen Curry and others gave their best and managed to win a championship for the team.

When Durant got back on the court and given his position back, Draymond Green got angry and started trash-talking with him. He called out Durant a bi*ch and told him that the Warriors could win even without him. Even though the whole issue was sorted out, Durant never forgot those words. It is the reason why Durant couldn’t play in the same team as Green and left the Warriors to join Kyrie Irving in the Brooklyn Nets.

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Perkins on the Durant Deal

Perkins on the Issue Kevin Durant Golden State Warriors

Kendrick Perkins recently shared his opinion on the whole issue and explain his views on Durant leaving the Dubs team. As per the former Oklahoma City Thunder star, Kevin could never forget those words. Despite all that, he never showed anything on the court and focused on the game. It was very tough to play in there and yet Durant always kept his calm.

Kevin Durant never bashed Draymond in person or in front of the media. It proves how great of a person he is despite everything that Green did. The only thing he thought would be better to leave the Warriors and play in some other NBA team.