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Kawhi Leonard has finally revealed the details about his deal with Clippers and the reasons behind his decision. While everyone was expecting Leonard to join the Lakers and form a power trio with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, it never happened. Toronto Raptors, LA Lakers and LA Clippers were the three teams that Leonard could have signed a deal.

In the recent Clippers press conference, Leonard shocked everyone with the news that he was very close to sign with the Lakers. It was the deal of Paul George that made him change his decision and it can happen again. Kawhi have also hinted that he might leave the Clippers very soon for the same reason.

Paul George was the reason to join Clippers

Paul George Reason Kawhi Leonard

The Oklahoma City Thunder had two of the best players, Paul George and Russel Westbrook in their roster and yet they performed very badly in the last season. In such a time, George wanted to leave the Thunder and wanted to move to Los Angeles city.

As soon as Kawhi Leonard knew about this, he immediately asked George about playing with him in the Clippers. The two stars are good friends and grew up in the LA city, the choice to play together in the same team compelled both to join the Clippers roster.

Kawhi Leonard might change Team next Season

Kawhi Leonard Rumors

Kawhi Leonard was smart enough to not sign a long term deal with any team as he wants to keep his options open. The Clippers have signed Leonard only for a three year deal with a player option. It means that Leonard is free to leave the team after the next NBA finals are over.

If we look at Leonard’s history, he changes his teams once he has won an NBA title for them. The same thing has happened with San Antonio Spurs in 2014 and Toronto Raptors in 2019, where Leonard left the team after winning. The Clippers are at the top in power rankings and if they win the NBA 2020 finals, Kawhi might move out soon.