NBA Denver Nuggets Deals Bradley Beal Kevin Love Blake Griffin CJ McCollum

Denver Nuggets are one of the deepest teams in NBA Western Conference and yet their names come hardly into any title contenders discussions. Nikola Jokic leads the Nuggets team and it has the perfect balance of star power and great talent. Some shooters can spread the floor, big guys to rebound and some great defenders.

Yet, somehow they lack a name which could bring to the top of the table. Nuggets needs another superstar player in their team and one of them could be Bradley Beal, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin or CJ McCollum.

Bradley Beal

NBA Denver Nuggets Deals Bradley Beal

Bradley Beal is one such name that would fit perfectly in any of the NBA teams. He is just 26 years old and already one of the best offensive players in the league. Beal and Jamal Murray could form a solid backcourt duo and shoot some three-pointers.

At the same time, Nikola Jokic could take the charge from near the court and it would be a great team combination. The Wizards doesn’t want to trade him out but won’t say no if a better trade package is offered to them.

Kevin Love

NBA Denver Nuggets Deals Kevin Love

Kevin Love will form the best pair with Nikola Jokic as he is much better at shooting compared to everyone. It is such an awkward combination with so much potential that other teams will be confused as in how to defend them.

Denver Nuggets have some great players but most of them lack the playing experience and adding Love would help them a lot. Love and Jokic can take shots from anywhere and also open up space for Jamal Murray to make some damage.

Blake Griffin

NBA Denver Nuggets Deals Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin and Nikola Jokic can form a great power duo where none of the NBA teams could stop the two big guys. The Nuggets have already many players who can space the floor and adding Griffin would help them to shoot from the perimeter. Denver can become a legitimate contender in West after they add Griffin to their team.

CJ McCollum

NBA Denver Nuggets Deals CJ McCollum

C.J. McCollum is one of the best offensive players who shoots at high volume. Denver Nuggets needs McCollum badly as he was the only reason why they couldn’t make it to last playoffs. The Nuggets knows McCollum is unguardable and someone like him should be on their team.

Jokic and McCollum can play from anywhere as a tandem and can attract some double team throughout the game. C.J. fits perfectly in the Nuggets roster and they should trade for him without any second thoughts.