NBA Carmelo Anthony New York Knicks deal

Carmelo Antony is still without an NBA team where the training camp is less than a week away. The 10 times NBA All-Star is having a tough finding a new deal, while other such stars were easily selected in the 2019 free agency. Anthony has not played in NBA since his departure from the Houston Rockets and despite generating a lot of buzzes, he is not getting any solid development on any of the trade deals.

New York Knicks could have Melo back in their roster as both the sides need each other. The Knicks legend Walter Frazier has also indicated that Carmelo Anthony deserves to be on an NBA team and the Knicks deal could be in works soon.

Knicks Legend Walt Frazier on Carmelo Anthony

Walt Frazier on Carmelo Anthony

Walt Frazier is a legend in the Knicks side where he contributed twice for the team winning an NBA championship. His views on Carmelo Anthony are positive enough to indicate that something is happening between New York Knicks and Melo. The NBA Hall of Famer Walt Frazier says that Carmelo will find a new before the end of NBA 2019-20 season.

[blockquote footer=”Walt Frazier on Carmelo Anthony”]I don’t like what is happening with him and the way NBA teams have treated him. I am confident enough in Carmelo Anthony and somebody will give him a chance soon. He is still in perfect shape and would contribute to any bench he plays for.[/blockquote]

Carmelo Anthony and New York Knicks Reunion

Carmelo Anthony and Knicks Reunion

Carmelo Anthony is 35 years old and given his shape and regular workout, he can easily boost any team. Melo left the New York Knicks in 2017 to get a better team but now he doesn’t have many options left. The Knicks wanted Carmelo to play in the backcourt which he would now gladly accept.

Further, the Knicks have a team full of young players who could use a veteran like Carmelo Anthony to learn a few things. Melo and the Knicks are a perfect match for each other and a reunion can be soon on its way in the form of a new trade deal.