NBA Carmelo Anthony Deal with LA Lakers

Carmelo Anthony is yet without an NBA team and training camp are about to start. Anthony has been linked with plenty of teams, but we haven’t seen any real progress on that. Los Angeles Lakers and Miami Heat are the two of the most rumored names that can offer a deal to Anthony. Since the last few days, things are not right with the player.

Many believe NBA teams have conspired against him and no one will offer him a deal, despite his playing abilities. There is a name who disagrees from all these and believes Melo will soon be offered a deal by the Lakers. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas is sure that the Lakers will offer him a deal and Carmelo will get to play in the fourth quarter for them.

Gilbert Arenas of Melo Deal

Carmelo Anthony Deal with LA Lakers

Gilbert Arenas who has played for Warriors, Grizzlies and others is a native of Los Angeles City and knows the insides of the LA teams. He says that it won’t be easy for Carmelo Anthony to get a playing chance easily as he is coming fresh off the bench. But when the fourth quarter of the game starts, Melo will be their first choice to enter the court.

The Lakers will need a 6’9″ player who can floor the space, shoot iso scores and help the rest of the team. It sounds plausible but it won’t be that easy to play in a team that already has LeBron James and Anthony Davis. There are high chances that Lakers coach Frank Vogel asks Melo to change his playing style and handle the defensive side. While Anthony has said that he is ready for any role, it will be interesting to see if he can actually adapt to new things.

Replacement for DeMarcus Cousins

Carmelo Anthony Deal with LA Lakers won't be Easy

DeMarcus Cousins has gotten injured when he tore his ACL during recent workout sessions and it has opened up a spot in the Lakers roster. The team will put Cousins in the injury list so that they can add one more player. It is the main reason why everyone is assuming that the Lakers will offer Carmelo Anthony a new deal.

Sadly, there are reports that the Lakers are looking to sign Dwight Howard if the deal can work out. Anthony has to find some other team in case this happens and there is no solid buzz around. Warriors, Grizzlies, Blazers and Heat all have been linked to Melo but there is no solid development.