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NBA Predictions: LeBron James to Win the Next Title for Lakers Claims Ice Cube

Lakers title with LeBron James

LeBron James was signed by the Lakers in the last season with the hopes of a title win but it ended badly for them. While many people blame James for the whole fiasco, it is not true at all. James was new to the team and had no bonding with the players. Everyone depended on the man too much and hence they could not play basketball and lost the NBA playoffs.

The same thing won’t happen next year as Anthony Davis and others will join the Los Angeles Lakers and will have enough time to bond with each other. Hollywood actor and rapper Ice Cube, who is also the founder of Big 3 basketball league supports the idea of LeBron James winning the next titles for the Lakers.

Ice Cube on LeBron James

Ice Cube on LeBron James

Ice Cube has been always associated with basketball and more specifically the Los Angeles NBA teams. The actor and rapper is fully confident in LeBron James and easily see him winning the NBA title for the Lakers team. Here is what Ice Cube has to say on the future of James with the Lakers.

[blockquote footer=”Ice Cube”]I’m very excited and look forward to the next season of Lakers with A.D., LeBron, Kuzma, Green, and others. I think this year could be a trial run for the players where they learn to play together with each other. Even if the Lakers don’t win this year, I won’t be upset over it. LeBron James could win back to back NBA championship for the Lakers in his last two years.[/blockquote]

James and NBA Titles

James and NBA Titles

It won’t be the first time for LeBron James to lift an NBA title as the legendary player has already done it three times. James lifted the first NBA trophy for Miami Heat in 2012 and repeated the same next year. The magic was with James and not his team as he won the NBA title even for the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016 defeating the Warriors.

Los Angeles Lakers have signed James for four years which will end in 2022. It means there are still 3 NBA finals remaining for James and he is expected to easily win two of them. James and Anthony Davis duo looks solid and can get the job done for the Lakers.

Written by Faran

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