NBA Predictions Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers are looking strong to win the NBA 2020 title and have made all preparations for that. It ended very badly for the Lakers in the last season as the team couldn’t even make it to the playoffs. The Lakers had high hopes from LeBron James but he alone couldn’t do in a team full of injured players.

It is when the Lakers top brass realized that James alone is not enough and they need strong supportive players in the team. Anthony Davis, Danny Green, Dwight Howard, DeMarcus Cousins(injured) and others were added to the team for a better NBA season. However, things might not go as per the plan and the Lakers could have the worst three-point shooting percentage in NBA 2019-20 Season.

Everyone is a 3-Points Shooter

NBA Predictions Los Angeles Lakers Everyone is a three pointer

The Lakers have some of the best three-point shooters and everyone will be ready to throw the ball from behind the line. But the problem is that who will be trusted with the ball as all of them have a good shooting percentage. LeBron James (.339 percent), Danny Green (.455 percent), Kyle Kuzma (.303 percent), Rajon Rondo (.359 percent) and Anthony Davis (.331 percent) are best in the league.

The defensive players on opposite teams can dare them to shoot and use the opportunity to score points. While it looks good on paper, the whole strategy of playing through 3-pointers can backfire for the Lakers. There are high chances that the Lakers ends up at the bottom of the table in terms for three-pointers.

Player Injuries in 2019-20 Season

NBA Predictions Los Angeles Lakers Player Injuries in Next Season

DeMarcus Cousins is the first player in the LA Lakers who has gotten injured and will miss the whole NBA 2019-season. Even missing out a single player has put the whole plans of Lakers in trouble as they rushed in with Dwight Howard. The irony is that the Lakers don’t even trust Howard and will replace him on the smallest chance possible.

LeBron James is in his father period, where he can’t risk his body anymore like the older days. At the same time, everyone is dependent on Anthony Davis and he will be overused to the core. Even a single injury to Davis can foil the whole thing for Lakers and take them out of the title race.