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NBA News: Warriors Unhappy With Andre Iguodala’s Trade Deal With Nets

Andre Iguodala had to left the Warriors team and the Golden State Warriors are yet not over it. Steve Kerr, the head coach of Warriors is very sad over the departure of Iguodala. In a three-team trade deal, Kevin Durant and DeAndre Jordan were sent to the team of Brooklyn Nets.

In exchange, the Warriors got D’Angelo Russel and had to give out Iguodala to the Memphis Grizzlies. Most of the reports are saying that the Warriors will lose due to that. Ever since that, the Warriors is missing out Andre and here is what coach Kerr had to say on the matter.

Steve Kerr on Iguodala

NBA Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala trade deal Brooklyn Nets Free Agency Steve Kerr

In a recent interview, Steve Kerr has spoken on the matter of Andre Iguodala leaving the Warriors team. The 53-year-old coach revealed the importance of Iguodala in Warriors and how he always stepped up to save the team wherever the need arisen.

[blockquote footer=”Steve Kerr on Andre Iguodala”]Players in NBA teams come and go, but Andre Iguodala was very special to me and the Warriors team. For mentoring young players, teaching them things and watching them learn is always been a pleasure. Andre was the unsung hero of the team, he was like a son to me and I will always miss him[/blockquote]

Grizzlies will trade Iguodala Soon

NBA Golden State Warriors Andre Iguodala trade deal Brooklyn Nets Free Agency Grizzlies

The Memphis Grizzlies have no open spot for Andre Iguodala and are planning to trade him soon. Iguodala is nothing more than an asset which will be moved out to some other team for some better deal. LA Lakers are very much interested in Iguodala and a deal can be made if the Grizzlies are fine with it.

Even if they don’t agree, Iguodala can pay the $17.2 million amount of his player option. After that, he can become a free agent and join any team he wishes. The Lakers are planning to do that only as they also badly needs Iguodala.

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