NBA Warriors Kevin Durant Knicks trade deal

Kevin Durant turning into a free agent and then getting injured has changed the entire NBA deal state. The race between the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks is now taking new turns. While the Warriors have no advantage due to Durant’s injury, it still doesn’t make anything clear.


Some of the new reports indicated that Kevin Durant might even join the Brooklyn Nets to play together with Kyrie Irving. Nothing is fixed, as it all depends on whether Durant wants career stability or more money. As per the experts, here are the possible trade deals options between the Warriors and Kevin Durant.

What are the Warriors planning?

Warriors Plans

The Golden State Warriors very well know that how much important Kevin Durant is and will try their best to retain him. It was Durant who took the Warriors to the NBA finals for 2 consecutive years. One possible way that the Warriors can pursue Durant is to offer him a max five-year deal.

Kevin Durant is currently 30 years old, and a 5-year deal means his career is secure and he won’t face getting old problems. A deal doesn’t necessarily mean that the Dubs will hold on to him forever; they might trade him after a few years to the New York Knicks. By doing so, the Warriors will get a better deal, and even Kevin Durant will be paid higher.

Better deal for Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant deal

The deal is also good enough for Kevin Durant as he can spend his first year of rehab recovering from his injury. Another possible option is to sign a 2 to 3 years deal. Thus all the remaining NBA team will still be interested in Durant. Golden State Warriors has previously also signed an injured DeMarcus Cousins, which turned out better for both of them. It is possible that the Warriors again take the risk, sign an injured Durant, and hope he makes a quick recovery.