NBA Golden State Warriors Steph Curry Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Injury

Following a devastating loss to the Toronto Raptors in the NBA Finals, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Steph Curry is using his offseason to recover, rest as much as possible, and to prepare for the uncertainty that lies ahead.

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Trouble for Steph Curry thanks KD and Thompson’s injury

The injuries to Kevin Durant, which will keep him out for the entire next season, and Klay Thompson mean that the Warriors have a rather turbulent season up ahead.

NBA Warrior Steve Kerr Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Injury

It was a long and grueling season, culminating in the Finals, and that incredible effort and dedication is what cost both Durant and Thompson, with both getting injured in the NBA Finals.

NBA Warrior Steve Kerr Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Injury

Draymond Green and team star Steph Curry are still recovering from their efforts in the six-game NBA finals that truly tested the health levels of the Golden State Warriors’ players.

Steve Kerr talks about his future in Golden State Warriors amid KD and Thompson’s absence

Imagining what the workload will be for the player in the absence of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant is quite a daunting prospect. 31-year-old Steph Curry is aware of the tough task that lays ahead, but he has reiterated that he will be ready and fully up for it.

NBA Warrior Steve Kerr Kevin Durant Klay Thompson Injury

In an interview with the New York Times, Steph Curry revealed that he runs a lot more than the average NBA player and that he can withstand such high workloads. He finally acknowledges how hard the upcoming season will be and how much discipline he will require as a player to navigate through it.

While what he says is true, it is up to the manager Steve Kerr to effectively manage the team, and Curry’s minutes next season. It is perhaps time for Curry to stop setting screens, especially with the absence of Klay Thompson and Kevin Durant, and start keeping the ball in his hands more. Not only with that help him preserve his energy, but it would also be a better strategy for the Warriors in the absence of two important players.