The Los Angeles Lakers now want as many star players as possible after losing many of them in a deal. Anthony Davis was traded in from the New Orleans Pelicans in a major deal. Lonzo Ball, Josh Hart, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma had to be given up for the trade.

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Now that the team is almost devoid of star players other than LeBron James, they need other big names. One such player is D’Angelo Russel, who was originally a part of the Lakers team in the 2015 NBA draft. It is the perfect opportunity for Russel to get back to his favorite team and play with his friends.

Brooklyn Nets wants Kyrie Irving

Irving Russel deal NBA news LA Lakers trade deal

As of right now, D’Angelo Russel is playing for the Brooklyn Nets where he earned his first NBA All-Star selection. The Nets doesn’t want Russel to go, but they left with no choice here. Kyrie Irving as a free agent will join the Brooklyn team, and to pay for him would be difficult.

The only possible way will be to let D’Angelo Russel walk as a free agent and find a good trade deal for him. There is no way that the Nets could have both Irving and Russel, and everyone knows that the former will be their top priority.

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What are the Lakers saying?

NBA news LA Lakers trade deal

The Lakers have not said anything on the matter as it would only complicate things. The inside sources are saying that the Los Angeles team would gladly accept the deal with Brooklyn Nets. As per the reports, a meeting between D’Angelo Russel and LA Lakers management is on the way.

If everything goes right, we could soon see Russel, James, and Davis playing together in the next NBA season while Brooklyn Nets will try their best to get Kyrie Irving and also Kevin Durant if he agrees.