LeBron James Brooklyn Nets trade deal NBA free agency 2019

LeBron James was not a part of the NBA free agency 2019 and yet the trade deals have bought a lot of trouble for him. While the Lakers couldn’t manage to get a single good deal, other teams like Brooklyn Nets scored big players. The Nets managed to get both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in a blockbuster deal, which can change the future of NBA.


Until now, the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis was said to be the most powerful, but now it might change. On top of that, a recent survey has revealed that people hate LeBron James, which can cause a lot of problems to the star. Here are the reasons why people hate LeBron and what would be its effects on him and the Lakers team.

LeBron James is the most hated Player

LeBron James Brooklyn Nets trade deal NBA free agency 2019

As per a recent Twitter survey, it is found out that LeBron James is the most hated player in a lot of states. It includes California, where the Los Angeles city and the Lakers team are situated. Since LA is the home of Hollywood and all media, the hate of locals to James is very dangerous. Most of the NBA players earn majorly from endorsements, advertisements, and sponsorship.

But all this needs a positive image, which LeBron is currently lacking due to his poor performance. LA is also one of the richest city in the US and LeBron James could lose millions because of the Nets deal. The Lakers had a very bad year with just a record of 37-45 and James was not part of the finals after four years. LeBron James could not do anything for the Lakers and fans are disappointed in him.

LeBron alone in a Team is Useless

LeBron James Brooklyn Nets trade deal NBA free agency 2019

Even for the next year, the Lakers are not sure shot winners, despite adding Anthony Davis in their team. Last year, when the Lakers lost Kobe Bryant, everyone thought that LeBron James would replace him, but nothing of that sort happened. The same can be said for the Anthony LeBron duo, as the two alone are not enough.

The Lakers need a third-star player to support their power duo, without which they can lose to the Nets. Kawhi Leonard is their main target, but he has yet not revealed his plans. Without Leonard, the Lakers can’t do anything and which means the trouble for LeBron increases further.