This promising and exciting NBA offseason was kicked off by the Lakers, who were the first team to put out the big bucks and traded Anthony Davis to their team.

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Since then, the Lakers have been quite busy in their market. The LA franchise has made several moves, and with almost all of them with a focus to achieve one purpose. That purpose is to form a new “Big 3”- including LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Kawhi Leonard.

Anthony NBA trade Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers deal free agent

Lakers making moves to make space for Leonard

One of these moves that were important to make enough cap space for a move for Kawhi to go through was Anthony Davis’ decision to waive his $4 million trade kicker.

Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers NBA trade

This move transpired after some convincing from the Lakers, and it now leaves them with the $32 million required to offer a max deal to a free agent.

Fans decipher cryptic King James tweet

The news that King James had given Davis the No. 23 shirt just after the $4 million waive off from Davis also sparked a lot of discussion amongst fans, with many believing that the two events were linked.

The cryptic tweet, which featured the number 6 and the prayer hands emoji has left the Lakers fan base in wild speculation. To some, it is King James’ new number- these fans believe that LeBron James would give up his old No. 23 to the incoming Anthony Davis and take up No. 6 instead.

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NBA trade Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard LA Lakers deal free agent

Others, however, saw a deeper message. They believed that it was a cryptic sign that Kawhi Leonard will be joining the Lakers. The rationale was that the Six on the tweet was in relation to Leonard’s recent championship win the Toronto Raptors, also known as “The Six”.

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