Kawhi Leonard Toronto Raptors NBA

Kawhi Leonard has suddenly become the top choice for every team in the 2019 NBA drafts. After taking Toronto Raptors to the finals, and eventually winning it, Kawhi Leonard has proved his worth. For his amazing performance in the NBA 2019 finals, Leonard was even named the MVP of the match.

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It was obvious that Kawhi Leonard will go on the route to become a free agent. The most obvious choice for Toronto Raptors will be to re-sign him and maintain the team formation and try to win even the 2020 NBA finals. But experts are saying it won’t be possible, 6 times NBA hall of Famer Scottie Pippen explains the reasons.

Anthony Davis – LeBron James Duo

Anthony Davis Lebron James

One of the top reasons why Kawhi Leonard won’t be able to repeat his legendary win next year is this year’s trade deals. The Los Angeles Lakers have already traded Anthony Davis from New Orleans Pelicans to boost up their team. The pair of LeBron James and Anthony Davis in LA Lakers could be a deadly combination which makes the Lakers top contenders for the next year NBA finals.

Scottie Pipen views

[blockquote footer=”Scottie Pippen – Chicago Bulls Legend”]Even with Kawhi back in the team for the next season, I don’t see the Toronto Raptors winning the 2020 NBA title. I’m gonna say no, based on the fact that the Lakers got LeBron James and Anthony Davis together now. That’s a tough duo to beat.[/blockquote]

Tough to Repeat Luck

Kawhi Leonard Toronto Raptors NBA

Pippen also added that Kawhi is free to go to any team he desires, if he wants to improve his game further, he should explore his options. Toronto Raptors dominating the NBA 2019 finals against a team like Golden State Warriors was a very rare instant.

It is not like the Raptors didn’t perform good, but to repeat that will be a piece of tough luck. Even the team management of Raptors and Kawhi Leonard himself knows the fact. It is why Kawhi Leonard will find a new team and the Raptors new players for the next NBA season.