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Kawhi Leonard is the most in-demand free agent right now for the upcoming NBA draft and trade deals. He was the main reason Toronto Raptors was able to win the NBA 2018-19 finals. It is common knowledge that Kawhi Leonard will leave Toronto for some more popular state teams. It was even hinted that Leonard might join the LA Clippers by his family and friends.

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But with the draft dates getting near, it looks New York Knicks are trying their best to get Kawhi Leonard in their team. NY Knicks has the money and motive both to get Kawhi in their squad.

New York has the Money

New York Knicks Manager Kawhi Leonard Trade Rumors

New York Knicks is the top-earning NBA team of this year, yet they have barely won any main matches. The performance of the Knicks is getting worse by the day, which can be a problem shortly. Steve Mills, the president of New York Knicks team have already cleared that most of the players will be changed in the next season.

Their cap space is going to be big enough to afford a player like Kawhi Leonard. Further, it will make a lot of sense for them to have someone who is at their peak career form.

Durant Out, Leonard In

Durant out Leonard In Kawhi Leonard Trade Rumors

It is almost confirmed that New York Knicks are keen to have Kevin Durant from the finals runner up Golden State Warriors team. But Durant got injured in the second last finals, which have made his future free agency plans a bit complex.

Although, the Knicks will happily have an injured Durant in their team, what is the point? Kawhi Leonard performed better than Kevin Durant and was able to secure the finals for his team. Given how much Leonard is in demand, the New York Knicks are now thinking to replace Durant with Leonard.