Kevin Durant NBA Warriors injury

An ESPN report this week, following Durant’s injury, said that the last course of action for the Warriors man was to simply extend his stay with the Golden State Warriors for another year.

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Kevin Durant unlikely to leave Warriors

Appearing on ESPN’s “Get Up!” program this week, Adrian Wojnarowski, an NBA insider, revealed that at the moment, Kevin Durrant was most likely not to extend his Warrior’s stay and to move on to another team that was willing to take a gamble on him given his injury.

Kevin Durant NBA Warriors injury

Kevin Durrant, who had earlier been suffering from a calf injury, made his return in Game 5 of the NBA finals. But his return was short lived- just 12 minutes, and after scoring 11 points, he hurt his Achilles and had to withdraw. Warriors head coach Steve Kerr has confirmed that Durrant is suffering from a torn Achilles, and will be out for the whole of 2019/20 NBA season.

Durant’s options limited after injury

In the wake of this horrifying injury- Durrant’s options are cut drastically. The Warriors star must either wait for some club to take a gamble on him, knowing that he would not be available for the entire next campaign. And beyond that, Kevin Durrant isn’t exactly the youngest NBA player out there at 31 years of age. Hence, economically, a move for Durrant would not make sense for most teams.

Kevin Durant NBA Warriors injury

The other option is just to stay put at the Golden State Warriors and earn some serious dough. Even on a short contract, without even making a single appearance next year, Durrant could earn $31.5 million with the Golden State Warriors next year, if he stayed. And while that is the option that Durrant was least favorable for before his injury, it seems like the most realistic one now.