NBA DAngelo Russell Golden State Warriors deal trade

The Golden State Warriors made their deal with D’Angelo Russell official on the last Sunday. Russell was acquired by the Warriors in a sign and trade deal and they had to exchange him with Kevin Durant. Even though Russell was signed for a four-year contract at $117.3 million, he is not expected to play any longer than 5 months.

The Russell trade deal was mainly to muster up high profile assets which the Warriors could trade in the next NBA draft deals. Russel knows this very well and is planning for his future keeping in mind about his temporary stay at the Warriors team. But at the same time, he is also excited to team up with Stephen Curry in the absence of Klay Thompson.

Russell is ready to be Traded Out

Russel Warriors trade deal

In a recent interview, D’Angelo Russell shared his views on playing for the Golden State Warriors team. He was asked about his temporary tenure with the Dubs team and teaming up with rival players. Here is what Russel had to stay on his new career at the Bay area team:

It is what it is, You put yourself in a position to go somewhere a long time and it might not be what it is a year later. That is the business and I’ve come to a realization and I understand also. Whatever the situation is I’m in for the business side as I can’t predict it.

D’Angelo Russell and Stephen Curry

Russel Curry team up D'Angelo Russell

At the same time, Russell is also excited to become one of the main stars of the Golden State Warriors team. Kevin Durant has left the team and Klay Thompson will be out for months due to his ACL surgery. It means that Russel will team up with Stephen Curry and be a part of the 3-guard lineup once Thompson is back on the court.

Steve Kerr, the head coach of Warriors team is yet to finalize his decision on D’Angelo Russell. When the next free agency starts, they could trade Russel to get a different style of player. There are also options to change the playing position of Russel and it may work out.