Celtics Lakers Kyrie Irving LeBron James

The NBA free agency market has quite an impressive list of names on it. But no one compares to the hottest item on the list- Kyrie Irving. The rumors are incessant- Kyrie Irving will leave his current team, the Boston Celtics.

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Where Kyrie Irving heads from here is uncertain, and subject to much debate. But one such highly debated and popular destination looks unlikely by each passing day- the LA Lakers.

Could LeBron James and Kyrie Irving play together for Lakers?

LeBron James and Irving NBA

There were quite a few reports of Irving and LeBron playing together in the next NBA season. But as it transpires, this may not be the case. The reason is the relationship between James and Irving. The duo did not part on friendly terms, and any suggestions of a reconnect between the two remain far fetched. Irving, to be fair, seems to want to make the move work, with him being quoted as saying that he wishes to explore the west coast, possibly hinting at a collaboration with LeBron James.

Bryant denies contacting Irving for Lakers’ recruitment spree

Celtics Lakers Kyrie Irving LeBron James

But there have been no more talks on the matter since. The only speculation on this move has come from sports journalist Ric Bucher. He further claimed that former Laker Kobe Bryant was personally involved in the deal.

While this may seem exciting for Lakers fans, the follow-up words by Bucher will kill off that excitement. In a follow-up interview, Bryant denied having contact or trying to recruit Irving. He was quoted by NBC Sports saying that the deal was the Lakers’ job and that he was not any part of it.

Kyrie Irving is certainly on the move, but the question remains- where?!