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NBA News: Anthony Davis to Leave the LA Lakers Soon?

Anthony Davis wants to Leave the Lakers due to LeBron James Problem

Anthony Davis joined the team of Los Angeles Lakers with the hopes to make the strongest power duo and win an NBA championship. It has worked so far with the Lakers looking like the top team in the NBA 2019-20 season. But the reality is often disappointing and there are high chances that Davis leaves the Lakers team in the middle of the next NBA season.

Despite Anthony Davis looking excited to play in Lakers with LeBron James, there are a lot of things which we can’t see on his face. Every player who has played alongside James knows how tough it gets, and the blame comes on others as James is the king of the NBA.

Anthony Davis is not Committed to Lakers

Anthony Davis is not Committed to Lakers

According to a lot of sources, Anthony Davis is not ready to take the blame on himself in case the Lakers team underperforms. Davis never wanted to join the Lakers in the first place, but the New Orleans Pelicans send him away as they got a lot of trade assets in the exchange deal.

The 26-year-old power forward has expressed his desire to play in his home team of Chicago Bulls several times and will join them at the first chance he gets. Davis is not committed to the Lakers at will leave them very soon.

The LeBron James Problem

The LeBron James Problem

LeBron James is about to get 35 years old and at this age, it is hard for any NBA player to keep up as seen with the case of Carmelo Anthony. There is no doubt James will be still playing way better than most of the players, but father time hits everyone in some sort of the way.

Besides, there are other problems with LeBron James like his ego and dominance on the field, which could not bode well with Anthony Davis. The Lakers star can’t carry the load of the team and also James on his shoulder alone and it is something the Lakers should take notice.


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