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Anthony Davis is one of the biggest stars in the Los Angeles Lakers who was traded in for a blockbuster deal. The plan was to pair up LeBron James and Davis and the duo can take the Lakers to the next NBA finals. While the pairing is strong and looks solid, the future plans of Anthony are something trouble for the Lakers. The star player is a Chicago native and would play for the Chicago Bulls at the first chance offered.

At the same time, he is not fond of the Lakers too much and is just doing his job as a true professional. Recently, Davis was asked about his favorite player and team combo in the new NBA 2K20 game. Instead of saying the most obvious choice as himself in Lakers, his answer was something different. Davis revealed that he doesn’t like playing as himself in the NBA game and Kawhi Leonard and James Harden are his favorite.

Kawhi Leonard or James Harden

NBA news Anthony Davis LA Lakers Harden or Leonard

Anthony Davis recently attended an Xbox event for the promotion of the upcoming game NBA 2K20. He was asked the question of which team he prefers to play in the game. Davis revealed that he doesn’t like playing as himself in the 2K games and two other teams are his favorite.

Kawhi Leonard in San Antonio Spurs and James Harden in the Houston Rockets are his most preferred choice. As Leonard as moved on from the Spurs to Raptors to finally the LA Clippers, the option is not available anymore. It leaves Davis to play the NBA 2K20 game as Harden for the Rockets, instead of his own character in the Lakers.

NBA 2K20 Rankings is the Reason

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The reason behind not playing as himself is quietly funny and realistic at the same time. Even though Anthony Davis made it to the cover page of NBA 2K20 this year, he still ranks a lot down in the list. While Kawhi Leonard is at the top with 97 points, Harden is second with 96 points.

On the other hand, Anthony Davis himself is at 7th position, thus making him weaker. Although it is not true that the NBA 2K20 game rankings are accurate with real life, but one must know the difference it makes. It is the main reason why Davis prefers the top players and not himself with the Lakers in the game.