NBA Anthony Davis LA Lakers NBA Final 2020 Chicago Bulls

Los Angeles Lakers in fully confident of winning the next NBA title after getting Anthony Davis in the trade deals. It sounds very great on paper as LeBron James and Davis duo can be unbeatable. The Lakers have also gotten some other great players near the end of free agency to support the power duo.

Even the Lakers have best odds of winning the NBA 2020 finals without Kawhi Leonard. But one thing they are forgetting that players in the NBA have sometimes their own intention and plans. Anthony Davis is a native of Chicago and wants to play at his hometown. In such situation, Davis can make the LA Lakers lose the NBA 2020 final for getting into the Chicago Bulls.

End of the Deal with Lakers

NBA Anthony Davis LA Lakers NBA Final 2020

As of right now, Anthony Davis is under contract to play with the Lakers before the NBA 2020-21 season starts. It means he has no choice rather than playing for the Lakers in the next finals. But at the same time, as soon as the Lakers are done with the matches, Davis is free to reject his player option and become a free agent.

It raises the question that if the Lakers are eliminated in the playoffs, Davis might become a free agent even before the finals. While it is not in his hands alone to win or loss, there are chances of the Lakers losing at an early stage.

Davis will join Chicago Bulls after Finals

NBA Anthony Davis LA Lakers NBA Final 2020 Chicago Bulls

Anthony Davis has never given any intention of playing foul for the Lakers and had assured everyone that he would put out his best efforts. He had also added to play for the Lakers as long as the team needs him. But Davis is also seen many times speaking about his wish to play for the Chicago Bulls one day.

As of right now, the Bulls are a weak team and have no good players or rankings in the NBA. It might change next year, and when it does, Anthony will move on from the Lakers and sign with the team of Chicago Bulls.