NBA LA LAkers Jamal Crawford Deal DeMarcus Cousins

Los Angeles Lakers are still looking at possible replacements for an injured DeMarcus Cousins. While many think Dwight Howard has been selected for the job, things may not work out with him. The Lakers needs an experienced player who can handle LeBron James and give passes to Anthony Davis at the same time.

Jamal Crawford could be one of the names that the Lakers can sign for the next NBA season. Former NBA star Gilbert Arenas thinks that the Lakers should offer Crawford a deal without wasting any time. While nothing of that sort is confirmed by the Lakers side, there are rumors that a deal with Crawford is almost confirmed.

Gilbert Arenas on Crawford-Lakers Deal

Gilbert Arenas on the NBA LA LAkers Jamal Crawford Deal DeMarcus Cousins

Gilbert Arenas is also called as Agent Zero in the NBA circles and knows about all the deals before they are made official. During his time with Washington Wizards, Crawford played against LeBron James and averaged 25 points, 4.2 rebounds, and 5.7 assists per game.

Arenas believe that the Lakers needs the experience Jamal have and his talent of shooting from outside. Lakers also want someone who can get creative with the basket and guard the team at the same time. Crawford is currently at the age of 39 and he may be useful to the Lakers in short team and also teach the young players a few trips and tricks.

Other Teams for Crawford

NBA LA LAkers Jamal Crawford DeMarcus Cousins team deals

It is not just the Lakers who are interested in Crawford, there are a lot of other NBA teams ready for a trade deal. Philadelphia 76ers lost Jimmy Butler and currently is filled with young players, Crawford with his experience could be a great addition to the team.

Even the Houston Rockets would be interested in adding Crawford and make the duo of James Harden and Russel Westbrook better. There are also reports that Boston Celtics are looking to sign Crawford in their team. If the Lakers really need Crawford, they should not waste any time and offer him a deal as soon as possible.