Andre Iguodala is garnering a lot of interest from the NBA teams and could become a game-changer in the next season. The veteran shooting guard has proved to be very crucial in big games and even won the MVP in 2015 NBA finals for the Warriors. Iguodala was traded by the Warriors team to make cap space for D’Angelo Russell and the Memphis Grizzlies are holding on to him as a trade asset.

Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers are in pursuit of the player with the later showing keen interest. Clippers coach Doc Rivers has expressed his interested in Iguodala and says he will be a great fit alongside Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in their team.

Defense for Leonard and George

NBA LA Clippers Andre Iguodala Deal for Leonard and George

Iguodala would be a great addition to the already loaded LA Clippers and provide depth to the roster. The former Defensive player for the year is still active and can easily stop the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis from scoring. Kawhi Leonard himself is a great defender and it would be smart for the Clippers to take some load off from him and let Iguodala do the job.

Even Paul George is coming fresh after a shoulder injury and they can’t risk him playing more minutes. Andre Iguodala will be a great fit and can play with Leonard and George while also replacing them to maintain rotation. He would make one of the best defensive sides in Clippers with addition to Leonard, Patrick Beverly and Montrezl Harrell.

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Iguodala deal from Memphis Grizzlies

Iguodala deal is NBA LA Clippers Andre Iguodala

The only problem lies between the Clippers and Grizzlies is the huge salary of Andre Iguodala. He is currently set to make $17.8 million for the next season and it would be tough to pay after every team’s cap space is almost spent. Even the Lakers and Rockets are trying for a deal with Grizzlies which makes it more difficult as the Clippers have to bid higher now.

The Clippers have not asked the Grizzlies for trade and are waiting for them to waive Iguodala. It will be much easy to sign the star after a trade waiver and the Clippers are confident in pulling that off. It would be better they hurry as the Lakers are also trying the same.