Kevin Durant alternatives DeMarcus Cousins, Stephen Curry NBA trade Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors seems to be in a lot of trouble for the next year of NBA and there is no way out for them. While most of the players are leaving the team, they may not even make it to the finals next year. Kevin Durant is injured and wants to go to one of the New York teams as a free agent.

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It has made the Warriors confused as hell, as there is no way they can have a better deal. It is not just about letting Durant go, the important thing is getting new players in place of him. Even if they let their free agents make deals with other teams, it won’t lead to an increase in their cap space. Here are the possible trade options for the Warriors if Kevin and others leave the team.

No Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson

Kevin Durant Klay Thompson alternative NBA news trade free agent

Kevin Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon in the fifth final match against the Raptors and since then it has brought trouble for everyone. The Warriors lost the finals because of Durant’s injury and things have not been right for them. Even another of their star player, Klay Thompson is turning into an unrestricted free agent and might leave the team.

Without Durant and Thompson, there is no way the Warriors can win in the next season of the NBA. Even if they somehow manage to sign them, both of them are injured and won’t be able to play until the next year. The Warriors are trapped, there seems to have no way out for them in this situation.

New Deal for DeMarcus Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins NBA news

The third major name in the Warriors squad is DeMarcus Cousins, who is also planning to enter free agency 2019. The best possible thing that the Warriors can do is sign a max contract with Cousins and let Durant and Thompson go away. There will be no use for two players, one who has a torn ACL and other a ruptured tendon.

Stephen Curry is another such name which they should focus on, and make him their next star. There is no point in clinging to the same players every year and stay dependent on them. Rudy Gay, Terrence Ross, and Marcus Morris are other such names who can do great things for the Golden State Warriors.