Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal NBA LA Lakers Free Agency

Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory. And if it’s somehow got the NBA star Kawhi Leonard involved – even better. Well, we have a very intriguing conspiracy theory today, one that will add even more spice to the already -heightened Lakers-Clippers rivalry in the city of Los Angeles.

The Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal Conspiracy

The conspiracy involves both the Clippers and their new star Kawhi Leonard. It goes like this – the Clippers and Leonard both, deliberately waited till deep into the free agency window to announce the signing of Kawhi Leonard. This was done to ensure that the Lakers had as few options as possible once Leonard’s move to the Clippers was announced.

Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal

Making the theory more interesting is the fact that Clippers consultant Jerry West is a Lakers legend – he is a part of the Lakers Hall of Fame and was great at the executive level for years. In fact, he still has ties to the Lakers – his son, Ryan, works there as a director of player personnel.

The Clippers win this round

While on the face of it, the scenario seems unlikely. There is enough evidence here to at least consider the possibility of this being true.

The toughest sell here is, if the conspiracy is true, Leonard would have to be a part of it. And all sources concur that the Leonard-Paul George pairing only cropped up in the last second, which makes this theory unlikelier still.

Kawhi Leonard Clippers Deal NBA LA Lakers

But, there is no doubt that the Clippers and the Lakers will never, ever pass on an opportunity to mock or make things hard for the other side. That is precisely what the Clippers have done here.

They have played a masterstroke – not only did they land an incredible deal by getting both Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, but they also forced the Lakers to run around for last-second deals given how late Leonard was announced.