Golden State Warriors DAngelo Russell NBA 2020 Prediction

Golden State Warriors lost this year’s NBA final to the Raptors and to make it worse Kevin Durant has also left the team. D’Angelo Russell was traded to the team and they have high expectations from him. While some of the analysts predict that Warriors will trade out Russell, the team and player have declined such reports.

Russell has proved to be a great player at just the age of 23 and can improve further. He showed massive improvements in his numbers with the Brooklyn Nets and has proved his worth. The Warriors needs Russell to perform his career-best and help them win the NBA 2020 title.

Teaming up with Stephen Curry

Teamup with Curry

D’Angelo Russell has previously played for the Lakers and the Nets who had no shot at the NBA title. While the Golden State Warriors are coming fresh after playing the finals for the last five years. The fact is Warriors and Russell can prove to be an effective combination if used with proper planning.

Stephen Curry is already the best player for Warriors and playing along with Russell can improve the gameplay of both the stars. Curry is great at offense, can teach D-Lo a thing or two of the basketball game. It is why Curry and Russell were seen training together for the Dubs team.

Russell have to Increase Numbers

Increase Numbers

Kevin Durant is no longer a Warriors player and Klay Thompson will be recovering from an injury. In such a situation, Russell needs to step up and take responsibilities on his shoulders. D’Angelo Russel averaged 21.1 points last year and he needs to go higher than that for the Dubs team.

Warriors have one of the best offensive sides in NBA and it can help Russell to improve his gameplay. He can make a lot of strides with some great assists in which the Warriors are efficient. The Warriors are trying to provide everything they can top Russell and now it’s his turn to contribute back.