NBA Free Agents Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard Kyrie Irving

NBA 2019 drafts are going on and a lot of shocking trade deals have been made, and the next step is the free agency 2019. Once the trade picks up are over, the top teams will for the free agents. Most of the top performing players from the NBA 2018-19 season have already turned to free agency.

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Every year, the free agents are the one who are most responsible for a team winning the NBA finals. Here are the top free agents of 2019, who could do wonders in the NBA 2019 summer season.

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi Leonard NBA Free Agents

Kawhi Leonard, a name who being shuffled during the last NBA draft, is now the most in-demand player of this season. Raptors won the finals due to an amazing performance by Leonard, for which he was named the MVP of the game. As speculated, Kawhi Leonard announced him entering into free agency, all the top NBA teams are lined up to get him.

Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving NBA Free Agents

Kyrie Irving is the only player whose team was eliminated early in the NBA playoffs, yet has made name for him. Playing for the Boston Celtics, Irving had an amazing season. Any of the NBA team who could pair Kyrie Irving with another star player has strong chances of winning the NBA 2020 finals.

Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant NBA Free Agents

Kevin Durant was at the number one pick as a free agent, but his injury in the Warriors vs Raptors finals changed that. As of right now, Durant had a surgery for his ruptured Achilles tendon, and it will take him almost a year to recover. Yet, all the teams including the Knicks, Nets and his home team Warriors, want Durant in their squad for the next year in NBA.

More Free Agents

Top NBA Free Agents

While the 3-Ks, Kawhi, Kyrie, and Kevin had maintained the top positions in the free agency list, there are some more names in it. These players may not have that good stats, but if playing a suitable team, can do wonders in the next NBA season. Here are the other free agents who would also be in a lot of demands:

  • Jimmy Butler
  • Kemba Walker
  • Klay Thompson
  • D’Angello Russel
  • Khris Middleton