NBA Trade free agency Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard

Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard are the two main stars of the two NBA 2019 finalist teams. The main rivalry of Warriors vs Raptors was ultimately decided by those two only. Once Kevin Durant was injured, the Raptors were quick enough to use it as an advantage. Kawhi Leonard played very well in the finals and was even named MVP of the match.

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Both the stars had plans to become a free agent from a long time ago, even had a few NBA teams in mind. But the last NBA season and the current NBA draft pickup has changed things. Everything has become complicated, and Durant and Leonard are now unable to make up their minds.

Injured Kevin Durant

Injured Kevin Durant NBA Free Agents

Kevin Durant earlier planned to go to the New York Knicks as the earnings from other sources is huge there. But once he was injured in the fifth final match, all his plans have now changed. The Knicks might still be ready to have Durant but can offer him some less money.

On the hand, he has the option of staying with the Warriors, get $57 million and secure career, While on the other side, Kyrie Irving wants him to join the Brooklyn Nets, so the duo can make it big next year. Kevin Durant has a lot of teams to decide from, his injury to look out for, and also being relevant after recovery.

Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard

MVP Kawhi Leonard NBA Free Agents

Kawhi Leonard has always been secretive about his plans; he even rarely shows any emotions to the camera. Even he had no idea that being named as the MVP of 2019 NBA finals would make him the number one free agent.

Almost, every team now wants Leonard to play for them and continue his magic. While some rumors link him up with the LA Clippers, it is also possible he stays with the Toronto Raptors. Kawhi is confused and does not want to decide in haste; it is still a week before the free agents deals start.