Elfrid Payton New Orleans Pelicans NBA Free Agency 2019

The New Orleans Pelicans did a smart deal by trading out Anthony Davis to the Lakers and got so many things in exchange. The Pelicans got the No. 1 trade pick, which they used to sign Zion Williamson, and made him the new face of their team. Apart from that, they got three more picks which they used to get Jaxson Hayes on No. 8, Nickeil Alexander-Walker on No. 17, and Marcos Louzada Silva on No. 35.

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The Pelicans don’t plan to sign the new players at any high rates and it will the normal 120% rookie rates. It puts the Pelicans with $32.5 million in their cap space, which they will use for the free agency 2019. Here is how the Pelicans team can use their remaining money in the cap space to make free agent deals.

No Expensive Player Deals

NBA Free Agency 2019 New Orleans trade deals

There is no way the New Orleans Pelicans is team spending anything on their existing players. If any player wants to leave and go to free agency, the Pelicans will let them go with a minimum salary. free agents Julius Randle, Elfrid Payton, Cheick Diallo, and Darius Miller are some of the names that have turned into free agency.

If the Pelicans doesn’t hold on to any of them, they would have a $4.76 million exception room available. It means that the Pelicans could use their cap space to get a big star player and use the exception room to bring back one of their players such as Elfrid Payton. The Pelicans could get another $9.2 million if they hold the trade of Anthony Davis till the end of July, but it means no other trade deals till then.

Free Agents on the Look

NBA Free Agency 2019 New Orleans Free Agents

The Pelicans would need double of what they currently have in order to get one of the big names such as Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Kyrie Irving. But they can have D’Angelo Russel as a free agent for around $27.5 million easily. The New Orleans team needs a big name to be paired along with Lonzo Ball, which could shoot offense.

Malcolm Brogdon from the Milwaukee Bucks team is one such name, who could be an ideal fit for the Pelicans. As of right now, Brogdon is a restricted free agent, and hence,

\he can be easily lured in with a lucrative offer. Let us see what the Pelicans decides to do with their money and which player they get in their team.