Andre Iguodala has been put on the market by the Memphis Grizzlies after they refused to buy out his contract. The Grizzlies are sure that one of the NBA teams will offer them a good trade package in exchange for the veteran defender. Iguodala who last played for the Golden State Warriors had always garnered great interest for his excellent gameplay and calm behavior.

The 35-year-old shooting guard can provide depth to any team who has plans to win the NBA 2019-20 season. Lakers, Clippers, and Celtics are the frontrunners for Iguodala trade after the Grizzlies buyout offer.

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Los Angeles Lakers

NBA Andre Iguodala Trade Deal Los Angeles Lakers

Lakers already have the best two players in the form of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, adding a third NBA superstar will surely take them ahead of everyone. The Lakers are already looking for a veteran defender to help James and Davis and there is no better option than Andre Iguodala. The trio can easily win an NBA championship for the Lakers, forming a perfect back and front roster. The Grizzlies will ask for a high price in exchange of Iguodala and the Lakers are ready to trade a few younger player to seal the deal.

Los Angeles Clippers

NBA Andre Iguodala Trade Deal Los Angeles Clippers

The Clippers became an immediate contender when they signed Kawhi Leonard and Paul George in the 2019 free agency. Most of the predictions say that the Clippers are favorites to win the NBA 2020 title as they are far more stable than the Lakers. Clippers coach Doc Rivers has also expressed his interest in Andre Iguodala saying that he is a great player and we could make arrangements to get him in the team. Even Iguodala would love to join the Clippers and play along with Leonard and George for the championship run.

Boston Celtics

NBA Andre Iguodala Trade Deal Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics need another superstar after the exit of Kyrie Irving and Andre Iguodala can be a perfect choice. With Kemba Walker in the front and Iguodala handling the defense, the Celtics can easily come out on top in the weaker Eastern Conference. Also, the Celtics would be willing to give out Gordon Hayward or their younger players in exchange to the Grizzlies for making the Iguodala deal possible.

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