Andre Iguodala may have not signed a new deal but he is also not a player of Memphis Grizzlies anymore. The All-Star defender won’t be even training with the Grizzlies team and would have a private workout on his own chosen location. The Grizzlies have made it clear that they are interested in trading Iguodala but the process would take some time.

NBA preseason has already started and most of the teams are already low on money due to free agency trade deals. It means Iguodala will have to wait a few more months and he would most likely be traded in February 6 trade deadline. While teams such as Lakers and Clippers are interested in Andre Iguodala, the Warriors could also have him return given how much they need the star defender.

Trade Deals for Andre Iguodala

Trade Deals for Andre Iguodala

The Grizzlies would wait for the NBA trade deadline in the hopes that some of the team would offer a deal package for him by then. If somehow it doesn’t happen, they would have to buy Iguodala out and then make a deal in the 2020 NBA free agency. It would make the NBA 2014-15 finals MVP an unrestricted free agent and he could choose any team he wants.

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The Lakers and Clippers are very much in need of the All-Defense team member as Iguodala can be the key player who gives them an edge over each other. Andre has successfully stopped LeBron James before and can do it again, which is why every team including Warriors would like to have him on their roster.

Andre Iguodala Back in Warriors?

Andre Iguodala Back in Warriors

Golden State Warriors are currently at a very low position and it was evident from the NBA preseason games where the Lakers led by James and Davis totally dominated them. Andre Iguodala was a key part of the Warriors team who contributed a lot in them winning the last three NBA championships.

Even the Warriors coach Steve Kerr has expressed his views on Iguodala and how he is like a son to him. Stephen Curry is also missing out on his former teammate badly and everyone else on the Dubs side would love to have him back in their team. If the Warriors can somehow balance their cap space by February, they could also offer a deal to the Grizzlies for Iguodala.

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