When will My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26 release? Did the anime end with episode 25? Read ahead to know more.

My Hero Academia or Boku no Hero Academia is a shonen jump adventure superhero manga illustrated and written by Kōhei Horikoshi. Boku no Hero Academia follows Izuku Midoria, a middle schooler born without a quirk. He then saves his friend Bakugo from a slug monster and gets seen by the hero All Might. All Might recruit him as his disciple and helps train the young boy to inherit his quirk called “one for all.” Izuku then joined UA, an academy meant for heroes to develop their quirks and save the world as heroes.

Midoriya is the ninth wielder of the one for all quirk.

The manga has released around 383 chapters and six seasons of anime. Fans can read the manga on viz media.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26 release date and time

My Hero Academia has had a successful run of 6 seasons so far. The sixth season ended in episode 25. So far, the release dates for the next episodes are not out yet.

Considering the previous releases, the studio will announce the dates soon. The anime first aired in 2016 and has had continuous releases every year. The last episode of the sixth season, episode 25, aired on March 25th.

Will there be no My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26? Has the anime ended?

No, the anime is far from being ended. The next season is predicted to air in the winter of 2023-24. Fans are eager to see how the plot moves after episode 25 ends. Deku has grown both emotionally and physically since he inherited All for one. The character development of others around him and how the villain organizations have grown to counter one for all have been intriguing.

Read ahead for a full summary and recap of episode 25 and what the My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26 plot could have been.

My Hero Academia Season 6 episode 25 review recap summary

The 25th episode of the series is from the dark hero arc of the manga. The episode is named no man is an island. The boys of 1-A drag Deku to a bath to relax. Deku feels responsible for whatever happened during the fight and apologizes to everyone for abandoning them after they forgive him. Deku feels like he also needs to apologize to All Might. Deku gets interrupted by All Might, who is at the window and tells him that he had to apologize to Deku instead.

My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 26 release date
Shigaraki is chosen to be the next wielder of the quirk one for all and is the head of the villain union.

Stain, the hero killer appears in front of All Might and, instead of attacking him, explains how important he is to the people around him. He points out a statue of All Might. A little girl is seen cleaning it. Stain explains that she does this daily because She was the last person All Might saved. Before leaving, he delivers several papers to All Might that contain information about what happened at Tartarus.

All might ask for support to go against Shigaraki

It is discovered through various interrogations and investigations that Shigaraki’s body will be ready in 38 days than the previously believed 60 days. Everybody is stunned at the new revelation, and the need to prepare for war is closer. The continuous radio blasts are determined to be the reason why the systems were down in the previous episode.

All might ask for help at the UN council. The nations debate what has to be done. Most heroes, such as Red Dot and Salam, are ready to help All Might. Much later in the episode, it is revealed that “Star and Stripe,” America’s number 1 hero, is all set to help All Might and is on her way.

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26 plot

h3>My Hero Academia season 6 episode 26 would have ideally continued right from where the S6E25 ended, but for better or for worse, this will now be done by season 7 instead.

The next season will show how the war will take place in the anime and all the preparations that will happen. Deku realizes his need to understand his quirk better, and we may get another training montage or an episode of our fav hero.