My Hero Academia Season 4 is going to be huge. There will be a few tough situations and some heart-wrenching developments that the series is predicted to show. Some of the things fans are looking forward to are Deku using his Quirk to its full extent without causing any damage to his own body. One more development that may sound less joyous could be Mirio making the hero sacrifice.

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My Hero Academia Season 4: Updates

Putting it out simply, the My Hero Academia Season 4 will be giving viewers with an experience which only just a few anime series are able to create. The whole season will revolve around a brand new villainous group which whose leader will be Yakuza Kai, as reported by Otakukurt.

This may make them seem like they’re really small, but this couldn’t be too far from the actual truth.

My Hero Academia Season 4: Spoilers

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4- Spoilers

In fact, the upcoming new force may be a much bigger threat to Deku and other heroes than the League of Villains and also All-For One. Kai Chasaki has a secret weapon which gives him an upper hand, making him a dangerous enemy. Meanwhile, this is the same weapon that will allow Deku to go all out in the fourth season of My Hero Academia.

It could be a huge spoiler to give out if this development, in particular, will be taking place. But it can be suggested that it will be involving Deku getting freedom from the weakness he had. This will later enable him to go out and fight all villains like a way never seen before, making his mentor proud. The fourth season of My Hero Academia sounds set to be really incredible.

‘My Hero Academia’ Season 4- Updates

Premiere Date

The fourth season of My Hero Academia will be coming out in October. This means that we still have time to buckle our seatbelts for a crazy ride.

Source: Econo Times, Den of Geek