My Hero Academia Chapter 227- Spoilers, Plot and New Release Date

In My Hero Academia’s previous chapter, the scenes and the emotions displayed by Himiko Toga enthralled the fans. Moreover, her Quirk is also pretty amazing. This post will discuss My Hero Academia Chapter 227 and some of its spoilers.

If you are a manga fan who doesn’t like spoilers, you may skip this article to the release date section below.

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My Hero Academia Chapter 227 Plot Overview

My Hero Academia Chapter 227- Plot Overview

Chapter 226 of My Hero Academia was titled as “Bloody Love” which will see how powerful Himiko is. Even after she gets surrounded by the Meta Army, she still manages to flee away using her amazing Quirk. Chitose wished to kill her too, turning her death to a tragedy. She tried believing that she isn’t living a normal life and she can’t blend into society.

It was found out that Himiko drinks the blood of her enemies transforming into them. She also admired the trust shared by Midoriya and Uraraka.

Himiko changed into Urakaka and revealed that she also knows how to use quirks of people she transforms to. She ran away later saying that she kills for herself, without blaming Togura Shigaraki.

My Hero Academia Chapter 227 Spoilers

My Hero Academia Chapter 227- Spoilers

Now coming to chapter 227 spoilers, which will see Re-Destro making the move. We don’t know about his army and power but if Gigantomachia takes on Re-Destro and the latter defeated him. This will send a chilling message to the Villains as they couldn’t beat the giant.

In order to escape the Meta army, Himiko Toga will potentially reveal her powers which would’ve been a great slap for Meta Liberation Faces. They need to plan out and take down Gigantomachia.

My Hero Academia Chapter 227: New Release Date

Chapter 227 will release on 11 May.