It’s going to be pretty obvious to say that many fans of the anime are now looking towards the premiere of My Hero Academia season 4. But then a bit of devastating news has surfaced from production of anime which is going on at the moment.

The sad news is that one of the voice actors for My Hero Academia will be taking leave for the treatment of cancer. Can this affect the premiere schedule of the anime?

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My Hero Academia Season 4 Spoilers

season 4 of My Hero Academia release date

While the news is completely saddening, the case of voice actor Saki Ogasawara is really devastating. As reported by, the creator of My Hero Academia recently praised Endgame. A major question now is how its development will be affecting the season 4 of the anime?

My Hero Academia Season 4 Predictions

My Hero Academia season 4 release date

Mostly, Kendo having a far smaller role in the season, it’s likely that the voice actress won’t be having many lines with her. It’s also possible for Ogasawara to come back some months later and finish the whole recording. Meanwhile, people working on the My Hero Academia season 4 will have to work really hard to meet the expectations of all fans.

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We don’t doubt that My Hero Academia season 4 will be full of drama and action, more specifically if it’s faithful to the source material. There will be a few sacrifices which will be made but fans will also get to see the extent of the power of Deku.

My Hero Academia’ Season 4 Air Date

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it is expected that My Hero Academia season 4 episode 1 will premiere around October this year.