My Hero Academia Chapter 218 is all set to release this year and fans can expect to see a new arc this time. The highlight of the show most probably will be on Neito Monoma,(Phantom Thief) because of the recent focus on him. My Hero Academia Chapter 2018 will most likely feature the kick start of the end arc. The fans expect a lot of villain involvement in this new arc.

What happened in My Hero Academia Chapter 217?

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia finally saw the end of the exam arc. We saw that Monoma tried to copy Eri’s quirk, but unfortunately, he was not able to replicate its power. This can be related to her horn and how it is important to her powers taking affect.

We also saw Izuku Midoriya talking to All Might and Bakugo simultaneously about the second quirk that manifested within One For All. He also suggested how that would shape his future as a Hero. We also found out that Midoriya had more than one quirk, just like Shoto Todoroki. There was a lot of bonding between Class A and Class B over nice meals. And, most importantly, we found out the sixth user of One For All! It’s the guy from Deku’s dream who looks like Best Jeanist ( Tsunagu Hakamata).

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What is the release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 218? 

The official release date for My Hero Academia Chapter 218 is 25 February 2019. The scans for the chapter will be released out on 22 February 2019.