My Hero Academia chapter 224 spoilers and official release date

In My Hero Academia chapter 224, a huge mystery is whether or not the successor of All for One will be accepting the offer made by Rikiya Yotsubashi. This would denote that the League of Villains will be coming under the re-organised Liberation Army. Being the leader of the League of Villains, Tomura Shigaraki makes some major decisions.

My Hero Academia Chapter 224 Predictions

My Hero Academia 224- Predictions

According to the spoilers and predictions, there are three massive considerations that Tomura may face in chapter 224 of My Hero Academia which involves the safety of Giran, the potential Attack by the Meta Liberation Army. There’s also a threat of top six heroes being sent to them. However, there are some extremely obvious ones.

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The spoilers point that the next chapter may also bring in other plans of Tomura to bring forward his leadership skills which may lead to the submission of Gigantomachia.

Chapter 224 of My Hero Academia will start off from the offering made by ReDestro who offers Tomura to submit to the Villains’ loyalty to the Liberation Army.

The League and the members are all wanted to surrender by ReDestro, just so that they may boost the organizaton’s image and forward their twisted agenda that removes all regulations of using Quirks.

After the threats made by ReDestro and power exhibition in My Hero Academia 223, it seems like the Villains is at a massive disadvantage at the moment. As claimed by the Meta Liberation Army, they have as much as 116,115 fighters who are ready to fight whenever it’s asked.

The follower of Destro also made a threat as to how they may lead the strongest heroes to the Villains’ location. They have also been troubling Giran since some time now. So, do you feel these are enough to make all Villains surrender in My Hero Academia chapter 224?

My Hero Academia 224 Spoilers

My Hero Academia 224- Spoilers

So far no official spoilers have been released, so it’s tough to comment on what decision would Tomoura make in chapter 224. However, as given, he doesn’t seem affected by the taunts of ReDestro.

Meanwhile, he has many more things to worry and think about, like convincing Gigantomachia into believing that he’s worthy to succeed All for One. Tomura may also end up holding the dignity of The League of Villains by outsmarting the whole Liberation Army in order to earn the respect of Gigantomachi.

Release Date

My Hero Academia chapter 224 will come out on April 15.