post talking about the mother nature being creative with animals

Trying to fit into society’s mold is not fun. Everyone is unique and beautiful. Something is gorgeous if it is unique. That is true when it comes to animals. Most of us don’t care if a pet has a weird fur pattern or not, even if we don’t want one. Mother nature doesn’t make every creature similar.

We are going to celebrate that today. Some of the most adorable pictures of animals that might even look weird to some can be found in this collection. Mother nature is mysterious and sometimes we don’t have an answer as to why these animals ended up the way they did.


1. A squirrel with a blonde tail is pretty cool.


2. Squirrels are falling into bleach or something.

3. If the lizard got cut off, would it grow the same tail again?


4. Those look like little arrows.


5. This turtle has a bowtie and is adorable.


6. Either the cat is very excited or she has a straight tail.


7. He has beautiful eyes that anyone would get lost in.


8. His eyes look like something out of a movie.


9. You can make out the mask from the movies if you look closely at the wings.


10. I think black cats are Vampires and this proves it.


Humans have unique features that are not that surprising. All of us are different and not all of us are the same. Humans can be weird in many ways. The same thing is true for animals, they look more adorable with their unique features than humans can ever achieve.


11. Another gorgeous cat.


12. I didn’t know turtles could smile and have blue eyes.


13. You can see a perfect R on the fur close to the paw.


14. When you start to get old and grey.


15. The gecko had his eyebrows stuck.


16. The smallest frog I have ever seen is this one.


17. My cat has the same color on her paw.


18. His eyes are pointing at the arrow.


19. Who would have no desire to scratch those wonderful ears?


20. The cat wants chin scritches on the inverted heart.


21. The doggo has a skin condition.


22. Is there a difference between the doggo and the zucchini? I can not.