The world of Twitter is a fun, visual, and honest place. Here are some of the best tweets that are quite personal.


1. Get lost, Randy!


2. All are yelling.


3. Men’s role model.


4. Janitors are underrated indeed.


5. The wedding industry needs to be ended.


6. Being own target audience.


7. This joke is absolutely harmless!


8. Sharon needs to consider her life choices again.


9. Reason why IT guys are mean.


10. Incoming chain reaction.


11. It’s never always just chilling.


12. Tables have turned in an interesting way.


13. Etiquettes to be followed in an elevator.


14. The immune system on DND (DO NOT DISTURB) mode.


15. Being the president of video games.


16. Minibar in the hotel rooms is dangerous indeed.


17. The last resort care.


18. Pokemon defines peace.


19. How secondhand embarrassment feels like.


20. The dads in the millennial era.