Bullies shouldn’t exist in society, yet they do, like a swarm of roaches, appear everywhere. Bullies are said to bully for a reason, according to common wisdom. that they might be insecure or that they may have experienced trauma.

But I think we can all agree that most bullies don’t actually have a tragic backstory to tell. Some people are simply bad, period.


Drew Davis, Allison Davis’ son, was having to deal with bullying. She then took to the internet to defend his handling of the situation.

This boy made Drew’s experience at school miserable. Even though we are all familiar with the situation, let’s still hear Drew’s account of how things turned out.


Drew and his friends were frequently threatened by the boy, much to Allison’s worry.

Threats should have prompted action, but the school had other ideas. Yes, it will be one of those institutions.

Nothing could be further from the truth than the popular belief that bullies bully because of personal emotional trauma. Bullies are simply the result of extreme narcissism being rewarded with an absence of responsibility.


More threats were made, and the school continued to do nothing.

The school seemed unconcerned and uncaring even as Drew’s bully threatened him in other places, such as through voicemails and text messages.


When a child is subjected to such abuse on a regular basis, how can they possibly concentrate in school?

Naturally, Allison’s concern for Drew increased. She also became increasingly irritated with the school.

The bully made Drew feel as unsafe as possible by stalking him through the hallways, threatening him in their shared classes, and more.


Drew stopped conversing with the adults in the school at this point.

This was most likely caused by the generalized trauma experienced and the trust issues brought on by the school’s complacent attitude.


When the school actually took action, it was insulting and disappointing in every way.

Drew’s bully was forced to sign a “no contact” agreement. You already know this, but a bully won’t stop just because they put their signature on a piece of paper promising to.

He continued, as was to be expected.


Bullies, however, cannot always get away with it. Every action has an effect.

They will eventually throw down the final straw that will break the camel’s back.


That’s exactly what occurred very soon. It happened on the bus.

The bully was nearby when Drew got on the bus, as he always was. He now threatened Drew’s family as well, taking it a step further.


The 11-year-old brother of Drew and their father were also in danger from the boy. That worked.

Drew had experienced enough. It had been far too long since this bully had to answer for his actions and bear the consequences.

In addition, Drew might as well take matters into his own hands if the school refused to act.


Drew stood up and struck him. (3) times. Enough to bring him to tears.

That seems to be all it took. Of course, the school is punishing Drew for it because they are a bunch of hypocrites. Although he received a 5-day OSS penalty, at least his main issue had been resolved by this point.


And Allison? She agreed with Drew’s choice and stood by it.

“I know as a parent I’m suppose to be upset with him for resorting to violence or getting suspended, but I’m not. Not even a little bit.” – Allison said unapologetically

You may need to communicate with bullies in the only language they know. Violence is never the solution, as we are frequently taught, but self-defense laws are in place for a reason.


There is nothing wrong with defending yourself if you frequently face threats and abuse.

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