A Utah mom was crushed when her daughter’s birthday party turned out to be a disaster.

Breanna Strong showed off the party she had planned for her daughter Avery Drew’s third birthday in a TikTok video, but she didn’t think things would go wrong.


Avery’s mother invited 27 kids to her daughter’s birthday party, but none of them came.

Strong had planned a day full of good things for her daughter Avery’s birthday.

At KidsTopia Playground in Salt Lake City, Utah, the party was a “jungle-themed indoor playground.” It had big slides, ball pits, and tunnels for the kids to play in at the party.

Unfortunately, Strong and Avery were the only ones who were left to enjoy the party.

We invited 27 children to Avery’s 3rd birthday party,

Strong wrote in overlay text.

Not a single one of her friends showed up.


Money and time wasted. Breaks my momma heart so bad. Literally going to go home and snuggle my babies. I wish I was making this up,

she added.

In one clip, Avery eats a slice of pizza by herself while her mother throws away the other boxes.

In the end, Strong is seen sitting in her car with Avery. She seems to be holding back tears as she drives them back home after the failed party.

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Strong said that the kids were supposed to show up after they confirmed that they would be there.

Strong said more about the people who didn’t show up to her daughter’s party in the comments section of the TikTok video.

She made it clear that she had sent Facebook invitations to all of Avery’s friends’ parents.

Out of all the families who were invited, only seven said at first that they would bring their kids to the party.

But at the last minute, a few families told Strong that they wouldn’t be able to come. The rest didn’t tell Strong anything and just didn’t show up.

Strong said that she was more upset about the whole thing than Avery was. She said that Avery was too young to understand why no one came to her party and that her daughter was still having fun.

She got everything she wanted. Pizza, frozen cake, and [a] jungle gym,

Strong wrote in the comment section.

She didn’t know any different rather than having fun. Just shattered my heart.


People who felt sorry for Strong and Avery backed her up after seeing her video.

This is a rule at my house. If we are invited, we’re GOING! We have been the only ones that show up. So sad this happens I’m so sorry,

one user wrote.

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Another user chimed in, writing,

Oh my gosh I feel so bad! people are so heartless these days, not sharing good values or educating their kids to be kind and [empathetic].