Unless you are very lucky or live in the wild, there is a chance that you will face your neighbors at some point. And unfortunately, chances are high that it was something that never made a difference in your life until they started to bother you about it.

For example, I had a concept that seemed to mean very different things to others (including the city) than their property lines. This meant it wasn’t uncommon to hunt down delivery men and technicians standing between our houses.

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But while each neighbor’s story is different and it is certainly not interesting to deal with, some situations are simply unacceptable.


For about a year, tech writer Bobbie Hineman has lived with a new neighbor by her side.

From what we can tell, this arrangement was largely uneventful for a while and Hineman’s little girl (not pictured) spent a lot of time running around in her backyard playing and laughing merrily.


However, it seems that this child was laughing too hard or too much for the neighbors’ liking.

This person sent Hineman a letter saying that he was disturbing his two dogs and birds who like to look at his backyard through the window.

It was unclear what kind of reaction the child’s laughter apparently caused.


But what was clear was that the neighbor was willing to call the police if the child continued to enjoy in a way that didn’t suit his taste.

What’s also puzzling is that the neighbor seemed to assume that Hineman would view her son’s happiness as a “problem” that she was “too inconsiderate” to correct rather than as something nice.


When Hineman posted this on Twitter, users were shocked by the response from her neighbor.

One of them suggested buying a horn for her child, to which she replied that she thought a drama might be a better way to show her neighbor how good they really are.

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And that classic idea of ​​exacerbating neighbors clearly upset some people’s imagination.

Someone else suggested making it even bigger and getting a complex set like the one announced by Rush drummer Neil Peart. It certainly seems to be packed with more than enough to help a healthy kid make all the noise he wants.


Not surprisingly, another couldn’t believe it was a real letter.

But another user shared his story about a similar situation. This shows that no one seems to hate more than the sounds children enjoy. Some people seem to talk more about it than others.


Another user immediately envisioned this neighbor in his mind and shared what we call an artist rendering.

I can only imagine what the dispatcher’s reaction would be like. Although I guess you don’t know what kind of strange calls they get every day.


Others can only imagine the reaction of the police if the neighbor carries out his threat.

If anything, depending on whether they are brutal enough to call 911 about it, they may be uncomfortable to see themselves as police caution. Doing so when it’s not urgent is, after all, a quick way to find a price.


But someone else summarized their feelings with this handy pillow.

And while you know where they come from, it’s good to remember that not everything is bad. After all, if everyone thinks their neighbors are rational, then you really have to wonder what’s going on in this world, but that’s obviously not the case.